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Free Floating Linear

The Aesthetic One

Compared to the Climaline canopy Mono, which is delivered in one piece and is only suspended, the canopy Linear is a flexible modular system with individual aluminium panels and integrated cooling technology.

Due to sustainable use and flexible room layouts, the window axis is often assumed to be the smallest control zone. The building control system then combines individual control zones according to their current use, usually via a BUS system.

The edge formation, the hole pattern and the surface coating are variables that result in purely optical changes. The freely suspended cooling and heating ceiling canopies are suspended either with nonius, threaded rods or stainless steel cables.

The cooling technology for these canopies always consists of a patented copper tube technology with rolled heat conducting profiles as aluminium hat profiles. The individual registers are connected to each other by stainless steel-covered flexible hoses.

In our hydraulic planning we show the water quantities per unit. In ceiling canopies, the hydraulic connection is usually made to a valve group and usually via piping in the Tichelmann system.