Our Services

Who says A must also be able to say Z

For over ten years, the CLIMALINE brand has stood for high-quality cooling and heating ceiling systems and defined interfaces between the trades. We do not make contracts according to VOB, so we do not build. No matter where your construction project is, we have a certified installation partner near you.

We accompany your building project to the end with the following performance features:

Consultation at the earliest possible time to ensure smooth processes in dialogue until the end of the project.

A selection of systems based on mineral and metallic materials of various types, tested in a variety of ways

Design of ceilings taking into account aesthetic, acoustic and thermal requirements

Moderation between all parties involved in the complex trade union - air-conditioned ceilings and, of course, especially during the construction period

Provision of hydraulic calculations with information on water quantities and pressure losses broken down to the individual circuit

Our reliable sales representative in your region will be happy to visit you and provide you with our planning compendium, probably the most comprehensive brochure available on the subject of chilled and heated ceilings.