The Supplement One

There will always be rooms and requirements where a cooling ceiling reaches its natural physical limits. Standard chilled beams are often used in planning to remove peaks.

Basically, our CLIMALINE AirFlow is a commercially available induction cooler. What is special, however, is that our device is not operated in the condensing area. Instead, we use the system temperatures of our cooling ceilings.

The units are therefore supplied without condensate separator and condensate drip tray. Of course, the units have significantly less power than conventional chilled beams, but no separate cooling circuit has to be installed, which makes our approach appear at first glance to be the more economical solution.

The units are taken into account from the outset in the overall design and included in the hydraulic calculation. The AirFlows are simply connected to our control loop distributors with flexible hoses.

This means that we remain true to our maxim of having always defined a solid interface to the technical building equipment in all our planning approaches.